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A double sloped attic, optimized for interior space

Roof trusses for attics

Roof trusses are compact structural elements, prefabricated through special mechanical processes, that together form the roof of a building. Read this article for more information about roof trusses and their production process in general.

Proiectarea structurii mansardei din ferme prefabricate by Miradex Wooden Buildings
The design of the prefabricated truss attic structure

Attic from prefabricated roof trusses

The picture above illustrates a double sloped attic whose roof trusses are designed such that their configuration optimizes the interior space of the attic. In the above scenario, the roof trusses are assembled on a 108 sqm concrete slab and leave a useful surface area of 69 sqm. This area has no intermediate support and a free height of 2.6 m. However, after finishing the floor and the ceiling, the net height will be smaller, about 2.45 m.

The usable area of ​​the attic is 69sqm, without support pillars, with a free height of 2.6m.

The attic can either remain an open space or it can be compartmentalized with non-load-bearing walls. In the example, it was opted for the former option. The rest of the surface, about 30 sqm, is used for storage.

The structure of the attic is designed such that it resists strong winds (up to 21 kN/sqm) and heavy snow loads (up to 2 kN/sqm). The wood used for the project is resinous, has strength class C24 and is treated with insect-fungicide and fire retardant. The thickness of the roof trusses is 45 mm and the interaxial distance is 855 mm.

Sectiune acoperiș din ferme din lemn tip mansardă pe placă de beton by Miradex Wooden Buildings
Attic’s roof section on concrete slab

From design to elements

Following the design phase and structural calculations, the roof trusses are produced in our factory according to detailed assembling schemes. The double sloped attic consist of the following elements: water-repellent tracing flange on which the trusses are placed, the corners and the fixing connectors to the concrete slab, the roof trusses of the double sloped attic type, the buttresses, the frontons and the roof boarding.

De la proiectarea fermelor din lemn pentru mansarda la montajul în realitate by Miradex Wooden Buildings
From design to assembly

The assembly of the prefabricated elements is done by manual labor and takes one day to complete. The finishes (buttresses, interior and exterior cladding) take two more days to complete. Watch a short sequence from the attic’s assembly in the video below.

Roof trusses are an efficient technical solution to optimize useful surface area of attics. This solution is possible on both a concrete slab and a wooden floor. The open space configuration offers a lot of flexibility, while maintaining the shape of the roof. Find out more about roof trusses and their configuration.

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